Self-adhesive paper labels

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Product Description

Self- adhesive paper labels

 1-125 pc.250 pc.500 pc.1 000 pc.3 000 pc.5 000 pc.
A4 0,8 lei/buc200 lei350 lei500 lei1100 lei1700 lei
A31,6 lei/buc350 lei500 lei800 lei2000 lei3200 lei
49x33 cm-388 lei575 lei950 lei2450 lei3950 lei

The prices are in lei without VAT.

The labels are printed on self-adhesive paper. They can optionally be gloss or matte laminated.

For punched labels in various forms, please, submit a  request offer.

For a maximum of 6 labels on an A4 size paper, the cutting is FREE of charge.

For more than 6 labels on an A4 format, a flat fee of 15 lei is charged regardless the quantity.

If purchasing orders are higher than 80 lei +VAT the shipping is FREE in all cities of Romania.

If purchasing orders are less than 80 lei the shipping is 15 lei +VAT.


A4 Gloss Laminated – 0.075 lei/piece (minimum 15 lei)

A4 Matt Laminated– 0,11 lei/piece (minimum 15 lei)

A3 Gloss Laminated – 0.15 lei/piece. (minimum 15 lei)

A3 Matt Laminated– 0,22 lei/piece. (minimum 15 lei)

49×33 cm Gloss Laminated– 0.19 lei/piece. (minimum 15 lei)

49×33 cm Matt Laminated – 0,27 lei/piece. (minimum 15 lei)