Greeting cards

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300g. cardboard printed greeting cards

  1-250 pc.500 pc.1000 pc.2000 pc.3000 pc.5000 pc.10 000 pc.
A6Single-sided 0.175 lei/piece88 lei175 lei246 lei278 lei344 lei 506 lei
Both sides 0.3 lei/piece150 lei216 lei252 lei288 lei360 lei 540 lei
A5Single-sided0.35 lei/piece175 lei246 lei311 lei376 lei506 lei 833 lei
Both sides0.6 lei/piece216 lei252 lei324 lei396 lei540 lei 900 lei
21x10cmSingle-sided0.24 lei/piece120 lei224 lei267 lei311 lei398 lei615 lei
Both sides0.4 lei/piece200 lei228 lei276 lei342 lei420 lei660 lei
Open size A5 - closed size A6
Single-sided0.45 lei/piece210 lei286 lei361 lei436 lei586 lei953 lei
Both sides 0.7 lei/piece251 lei292 lei374 lei456 lei620 lei1020 lei
Open size A4 - closed size A5
Both sides0.8 lei/piece280 lei350 lei451 lei632 lei913 lei1605 lei
Single-sided1.3 lei/piece315 lei364 lei518 lei672 lei980 lei1740 lei

The prices are in lei without VAT.

For other sizes, quantities, types of paper or supplementary finishing operations, please, submit a  request offer .

The coverage rate does not influence the price.

If purchasing orders are higher than 80 lei +VAT the shipping is FREE of charge for all cities of Romania.

If purchasing orders are less than 80 lei the shipping is 15 lei +VAT.